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The newest addition to the contemporary music scene in Austin, MODUS is an emerging saxophone quartet dedicated to bringing the highest quality performances of new music to a diverse audience. Members of MODUS have been active in expanding the scope of their work through collaborating with young composers, choreographers, stage designers, and other instrumentalists to create unique musical experiences. It's members have come from across the globe, earned degrees from some of the nation’s most distinguished institutes, and are bringing to Austin the traditions of excellence that have been handed down to them. In addition to their performing careers, MODUS is equally active in bringing chamber music to students in local schools throughout the city and beyond with the intent of creating rich musical environments for students from early on. In an effort to expand the artistic possibilities of the saxophone quartet, MODUS is beginning to foster relationships with the dance, theater and film communities of Austin to develop a new outlet for multidisciplinary collaborations. As graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin, the four saxophonists met under the guidance of Dr. Stephen Page, and began working together as a quartet in 2016.

MODUS is Sarah Hetrick, Nicholas McNamara, Chris Padilla, and Calvin Wong.

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