"As a female saxophonist in a male-dominated industry, Professor Hetrick is so much more than just a lesson teacher. She is truly an inspiration to me and everyone else she teaches. Her passion for music and women empowerment constantly amaze me, and I look up to her as an incredible influence and role model in my life."

- Sreya AYinala

I believe in the transformative power of art in society and in individual lives. The value of music lies with the experiences that performers and audiences share, and in the ability that artists have to create positive impact and change.


In an ever-changing world and employment market, I find it paramount to consider the value of an artist’s diverse skill set, as well as the value of working as a professional with a greater social imperative. I approach music study as an opportunity for students to develop the skills necessary to define and uphold their standards of artistry; this includes sustaining their career with consistent curiosity, maintaining a dedicated, resilient work ethic, and creating a collaborative mindset.

It is my goal to promote a self-awareness in each student that will guide their own practice time and problem solving on the saxophone. Through practical, approximal, and frequent experience in performance, teaching, and professional practices, students are given the opportunity to self-evaluate, set a course for meeting their artistic standards, and improve their self-efficacy.

I challenge my students to outline the principles that will guide the trajectory of their career, as well as what diverse skill-set will help them to consistently fulfill their social imperative. To that end, I prioritize guiding students in setting long- and short-term goals and in taking advantage of the abundant resources and opportunities afforded to them while they are in school. Further, I assist each student in developing a skill set that not only allows them to adapt and grow in an evolving market, but that uniquely serves their fullest potential and greatest marketability.

As a lifelong learner I continue to examine my effectiveness as an artist and teacher, and I am relentless in my pursuit of a higher level of mastery in both areas. I am intrinsically motivated to utilize my expertise and resources to empower my students and help them to realize their potential and value as artists, professionals, and citizens of the world.

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